Monday, April 25, 2011

Love Hate Relationship

Goodbye Cadbury Mini Eggs. I will miss your crunchy sugary shells and creamy chocolaty centers. I don't know if I can live without you for another year but I will try to get by. Those other chocolate candies just do not compare to you. I get so excited when I see you on the grocery store shelves, I can't resist putting you in my shopping cart. And now the shelves are cleared. Shopping just won't be the same without seeing you there.

But do you know what you do to me? I tell myself to just eat a few when I open your purple package...but after one mini egg I am hooked and my natural primitive instincts take over. Before I know it, the bag is empty. The only thing that I am left with once you are gone is hours of exercising to work off your side effects. It is a good thing that this is just a short term relationship because I can't afford you and am tired just thinking about all of the push-ups I need to do because of you. So until next year...goodbye. I love you, yet I hate what you do to me!

p.s. thank you for making our Easter dessert even better. I didn't think that no-bake cookies could get any better but you proved me wrong.

Farewell my one true candy love :(


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