Monday, November 15, 2010

Abdominal Migraine Madness

A few years ago we noticed that Aaron was regularly getting sick about every month...really sick...throwing up constantly, hunched over in pain, and very tired and lethargic for 2-3 days. He was diagnosed with abdominal migraines. It is basically a migraine in the stomach, causing pain, nausea, and the inability to keep any food down. It is awful. I hate it. Aaron hates it even more. He is in the middle of another episode today. I hate feeling so helpless when my son is in so much pain and discomfort.

I am trying to be thankful for even my "fleas" so...I am thankful that this condition usually only lasts until the age of 12. I am thankful that Aaron is taking some medication that lessons his attacks from monthly to every 2-3 months. I am thankful that Aaron is now an expert at throwing up...I give him the bucket and he rarely misses. I am thankful that Aaron is able to sleep through most of really wipes him out. I am thankful to know that in a few days Aaron will be back to his energetic, busy, happy, and sometimes annoying self. But for now, we just have to get through another attack; more missed days of school; more worrying; another day of keeping little kids away from the throw-up bucket; and another day of watching Aaron suffer. Poor kid!


Gords said...

Sorry your sick Aaron.

Shaun&jennifer said...

Never heard of it before, but feel so sorry for him.

Justin said...

Wow...sorry sorry for the little guy. Let us know if we can do anything for you guys.

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