Tuesday, November 16, 2010

On and Off Guard

Yesterday Nathan stood guard. What was he protecting? His line of dinosaurs and animals spanning my doorway. Each time I would pass he would tell me to step over them so that I didn't knock any down. He worked so hard to keep all of the figurines standing...even the ones with broken or mangled legs. He was a great guard. If one of his animals were knocked down or misplaced he would carefully put it back in line.

The triumph came when I asked him to clean up and he immediately obeyed. I was preparing for a huge battle of wills...and how could I have competed with this little soldier already dressed for battle? I was pleasantly surprised when he gathered all of his army and put them away without a war, battle, or even a fight. My little guy on guard totally took me off guard! (I am sure that telling him that he could have lunch after he cleaned up had nothing to do with it...he is just an obedient little soldier...who happened to be hungry at the time.)


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Cute little blog and adorable little ones!
Following you back :)

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