Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Contagious Resolution

I have started my New Year's Resolution...yes I know it's November...yes I know I am being a hypocrite after yesterday's post about getting right into Christmas after Halloween, let alone New Years. But I want to start healthier habits before all of the holiday hoarding and sweet treats. I am determined not to gain weight during these next 2 months of rich and delicious foods, in fact, I want to loose weight so that I can start the new year off right!

I have noticed that this goal has been contagious. Aaron wants to be stronger so he has been waking up earlier to lift weights. Nathan exercises by my side and is an expert at squats and lunges. It is so cute to see Aaron lifting his 3 pound weights as he watches cartoons in the morning and Nathan perform a squat with perfect form. It is great motivation for me to keep going and I hope that this is planting the seed for my kids to develop healthy habits...now how does my husband catch this contagious bug?


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