Tuesday, November 23, 2010


The waiting is over. We received the best Thanksgiving gift...answers for Aaron's health problems. After further tests yesterday we found out that Aaron has a swollen kidney due to a blockage in the tube from his kidney to his bladder (UPJ obstruction). We saw an amazing urologist who told us that this is a fairly simple problem to fix and it may even be the answer for his abdominal migraines...it was probably this making him sick all along. From here, he has a few more tests to determine the extent of the UPJ blockage and then we go from there...probably surgery. But at least we have answers and I am SO GRATEFUL for that!

  • I am SO GRATEFUL for good doctors
  • I am SO GRATEFUL for modern technology
  • I am SO GRATEFUL that Aaron is on his way to being healthy
  • I am SO GRATEFUL for Aaron's good attitude and courage
  • I am SO GRATEFUL for my hope and faith that keeps me going during times like this
  • I am SO GRATEFUL for my wonderful husband who stays calm and positive
  • I am SO GRATEFUL for friends and family who dropped everything to help
  • I am SO GRATEFUL for answers!

What a great Thanksgiving this will be...I am SO GRATEFUL!


Gords said...

Whew! Good to hear.

DD said...

What great news! I hope Aaron's abdominal migraines can be a thing of the past after he gets his UPJ blockage fixed, poor guy. He sure is a trooper!
Have a great Thanksgiving!

Captivating Eyes said...

That is so good to here!! I'm praying for the little guy. What a Thanksgiving blessing!!

Tara and Orlando said...

Wow, that must have been scary. I'm glad it's something not too serious, but sad he had to go through all that pain.

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