Tuesday, December 14, 2010

All Wrapped Up

I am SO EXCITED for this Christmas! Eric and I have been busy painting, sewing, gluing, cutting, crafting, sawing, and computing until one or two in the morning to make our gifts this year. We had a lot of projects and I got pretty overwhelmed thinking about all that we had to do...but we are wrapping up the last little details! The last coat of paint in on, the pictures are assembled, and the games are put together. I am so excited for them to get unwrapped (I guess I better wrap them first).

What are they? Sorry, I can't say. I can't spoil the surprise. But I will "unwrap" them for you after Christmas and share them on my Tuesday's Triumphs, so stay tuned!


Captivating Eyes said...

That is a great face!!

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