Monday, December 20, 2010

Worrying in the Waiting Room

I hate waiting in line. I always seem to pick the line at the grocery store that goes the slowest - especially when my kids are screaming. I hate waiting in the never-ending line to use the Women's Room...while men zoom in and out of the Men's Room. Waiting in line at an amusement park in the hot sun with tired kids is also dreadful.
Today I have a new and far worse wait to add to my list. I am waiting in the operating waiting room. Waiting for Aaron's surgery to be over. Waiting for an update from the doctor. Waiting for any news. I can't concentrate so I apologize if this post doesn't make sense. With every phone call, every doctor who comes in with an update I lose focus.
The phone just rang and it was for update. Aaron is doing great. They are in the middle of the procedure to remove a blockage from his kidney. Relief. But still worried. I will be very glad to get out of this room!
I am excited for tomorrow to come. To have this surgery behind us and for Aaron to be on the road to recovery.


Shaun&jennifer said...

Hope it went well!

Captivating Eyes said...

Your family is in my prayers!!

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