Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Burned Out?

I love this little poem. Some days I can totally relate to the little bulb who felt burned out and just wanted to dim out of sight. But we need to let our lights shine and keep burning bright!

There once was a shining Christmas tree
Standing out where all could see.
It's brilliance captured every eye
and seemed to cheer each passer-by.

"The lights are so bright!" They would say
And hesitate to walk away.
The tree stood proud ablaze with light
For every light was burning bright.

Then one bulb was heard to say
"I'm tired of burning night and day:
I think I'll just go out and rest
For I'm too tired to do my best;
Besides, I am so very small
I doubt if I'd be missed at all."

Then a child lovingly touched the light,
"Look, Mother this one shines so very bright.
I think of all the lights upon the tree
This one looks the best to me."

"Oh, my goodness," said the light
"I almost dimmed right out of sight.
I thought perhaps no one would care
If I failed to shine my share."
With that a glorious brilliance came
For every light had felt the same.

Our families, like this Christmas Tree
Has little lights which are you and me.
We each have a space that must fill
With love, and lessons and good will.
Let's keep our tree ablaze with light
With loving kindness burning bright.

For our family is a living tree
That lights the way to Eternity.


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