Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Entertainment Center To Play Kitchen

Are you ready for my first homemade gift to be "unwrapped"? This is a big one, that took a lot of time, but thanks to my handy-dandy-husband, it turned out AWESOME in the end!

We converted this:

Into this:

Here's how:
First we reinforced it by adding plywood to the back.
Then we sanded and primed all of the wood.
Cut a hole where we wanted the sink (just the size for the bowl to fit)
We rotated one of the doors so that it opens top to bottom instead of from the side.
We took out the middle drawer and moved the front piece of wood up and secured it so that it would be a cover for the sink.
Cut a piece of wood for the fridge door.

Used metallic spray paint for the oven and fridge door and taped off a square and painted it for the stove top.

Found an old scenic framed picture and used it for a window.
Stapled curtains up.
Installed a cheep corded phone and faucet.
Found pictures of burners and the inside of an oven then Mod-Podged them onto the stove top and oven door.
Found silver knobs for the stove.
Attached the fridge with hinges. 

Merry Christmas Izy!

Thanks Come What May for the inspiration!

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Gords said...

Wow, that looks fabulous! I'm amazed at how well that looks! You guys are awesome and what a gift. I'm sure she loves it.

Nice job turning something that I would take to the dump and working with it to make it of high value again. Great job.

Elayna said...

You guys are AMAZING and Izy LOVES it. Now it takes us forever to get her to leave it in the AM and naps are near impossible because she just gets out of bed and plays for hours. you made her Christmas a great one!

Captivating Eyes said...

That is absolutely adorable!!

Catherine said...

I'm in awe, what a great job you did! I'm working on a play kitchen, too, (that was supposed to be a Christmas present) and hoping it will turn out well!

Shaun&jennifer said...

We just got rid of a stand like that about a year ago, to think of what we "could" have done with it.:0

Mary said...

I'm in awe! What a great project! I redo furniture for a living and have done small end tables into cute little toy ovens but have never seen enything like this, its beautiful! What a fantastic job! Your little girl must have been thrilled :D I would have been and I'm 44!
Mary http://thedecorativepaintbrush.blogspot.com

Serendipity Chic Design said...

I just don't even know what to say....Unbelievable!

Take care,

Amy of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...


Holly said...

Great vision! Impressive outcome.

The DIY Show Off said...

Awwwwe... it's darling! Fantastic job! Looks like someone's going to have so much fun! :)


freckled laundry said...

That is GENIUS! I just gave away an entertainment unit like that. Darn it! You did a lovely job!

Its So Very Cheri said...

I love that--it is so cute. I love that you used magnetic paint.

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