Monday, December 13, 2010

I Believe

The childhood fantasies of Santa Clause, Rudolf, Frosty, and the North Pole may soon be over for Kaylee who will turn 9 in January. I think that this will be the last Christmas that she believes. She has been really skeptical of Santa this year. Although we try not to put a big emphasis on Santa, it is still fun to see my children's eyes light up when they see him. I have been trying to go through in my mind what I will tell her when she comes to me and asks me if Santa is real. It goes a little something like this:

I believe that Santa is real. Not the cartoon Santa in the North Pole with 8 reindeer. I believe in the meaning of Santa; the spirit of Santa. I believe in giving and kindness, and sharing with children all over the world - which is what Santa represents. I believe that Christmas is a magical time...not because of Santa's Toy Shop or flying reindeer. Christmas is magical because it is a time to give and love and see the excitement of others and to spend time with those you love and most importantly to remember our Savior, Jesus Christ, who is very real!

Any other ideas?? Hopefully it goes well...if not, I am hiring someone else to give her the sex talk when that rolls around!


Shaun&jennifer said...

We are going through the same thing this year, and sad to say this will probably be Taylor's last Santa year....

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