Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Spy Quilt

For Christmas, Eric's mom made an I Spy quilt for the kids and they have LOVED it! It is a tied quilt with 70 squares of different fabric. She took a picture of each square, laminated each little picture and connected them to a ring that loops through a corner of the quilt.

To play, the kids choose a picture and try to find the square on the quilt that matches. Nathan and Izy like to just take turns finding the squares. Kaylee and Aaron like to race and see who can find them all in the fastest time. We also play the "I Spy" game by using colors/objects on the quilt. Who knew a blanket could be so much fun?


Marla B said...

STACEY=I WANT to make one of these. can you email me details about it? what a perfect gift for a baby with older siblings? gift for the baby, game for the older kids.
how did she attach the picture clip? a button whole and a ring with the laminated pix?

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