Monday, January 10, 2011

Nail Biting Battle

We've got a problem...Aaron and Nathan are constantly biting their nails....the majority of Aaron's baseball picture look like this:

They always have their hands in their mouths. Today while waiting at the doctor's office, Nathan was looking at my hands and then tried to bite one of my fingernails, and then one of Travis's toenails...I guess his are too short so he is moving on. It is getting out of control! I have tried everything that I know of:
  • The gross tasting stuff that you brush onto their nails...doesn't faze them.
  • When I see Aaron biting his nails, I have him put socks on his hands...he bites holes through the socks.
  • I have talked to my pediatrician...he said that they just have to decide to stop for themselves.
  • My dentist can make a mouthpiece that they can wear that prevents them from biting their is too expensive.
  • Aaron bites his nails so far down that they hurt and bleed...but that doesn't stop him.

 Any suggestions? I am losing this blasted nail biting battle!


Tara and Orlando said...

Does he want to stop? Or is it just a habit? If he wants to stop but can't help it, maybe suggesting something else for him to do when he gets nervous. I have no idea if this would work, I haven't heard that is could, it's just me thinking. Good luck!

Captivating Eyes said...

Have you tried Tabasco sauce? Worked for me!

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