Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Snow Shoveling Duo

The other night the snow kept falling, dumping about 4 inches on the sidewalks and driveways. Eric and Aaron went out to help some of our neighbors shovel. After 1, they moved on to another. After 2, they thought of someone else that needed help. On their way to the third driveway, they passed a fourth that could use some shoveling. And so it went until they had shoveled 7 driveways. After the seventh and final driveway, Aaron said to Eric "Dad, I don't think that I can shovel another snowflake!" As I looked out the window and saw my husband and little man walking home with their shovels over their shoulders I was very proud. Aaron is on his way to becoming a great man like his Dad.


SnowJoe said...

Nice to see neighbors helping others shovel out, and it looks like Dad is teaching Aaron what it really means to be an upstanding member of the community!

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