Monday, January 3, 2011


Nathan's new favorite word...why. I hear it about 50 times a day after everything I is a little taste:

"Nathan, will you please pick up your toys?"..."Why I need to clean up my toys?"
"Because your room is a mess"..."Why my room is a mess?"
"Because your toys are all over the floor."..."Why are my toys on the floor?"
"Because you played with them and left them out so please pick them up"..."Why I need to pick them up?"

Or the conversation that we had the other day:

"Nathan, please get your fingers out of your mouth"..."Why I can't put my fingers in my mouth?"
"Because it will make you sick"..."Why it will make me sick?"
"Because there are germs on your fingers."..."Why there germs on my fingers?"
"Because germs are on things that we touch."..."Ok Mommy"
Woo Hoo! I thought we had a breakthrough until....
"Nathan...GROSS, don't put your toes in your mouth!!!!"..."Why I can't put my toes in my mouth?"

On and on it goes, never getting anywhere....WHY do I not go crazy???

Because I sure love this kid!


Captivating Eyes said...

I can't help but laugh at the adorable-ness. But I know when it's my kid, it won't be as funny. =P

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