Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chore Charts Revamped

The "Never Leaf Your Chores Undone" chart is now off the wall and the new and improved charts have been hung on the cabinet with care, in hopes that their allowance will soon be there.  My goal for this chore chart is to have an assortment of skills..not just household chores.  Here are some of the things that I included:
  • Make bed / Brush teeth
  • Homework - Read for 1/2 hour
  • Talent Time - (Kaylee practices piano, and Aaron chose to practice basketball.
  • Do a good deed
  • Household skill that I want them to learn.  For the next few weeks Kaylee and Aaron each have 3 days each week to unload and load the dishwasher.  Once that is mastered, I will change it to learning how to fold laundry, vacuum, clean toilets, helping me with dinner....
  • 10 Minuted Clutter Cleaners - For 10 minutes each day we clean up a specific area together as a family.
  • Secret Missions - About once a week, I tape a note to the back of my kid's bedroom door saying "Your mission should you choose to accept it is to ______"  I also leave their "weapon" to attack the chore with.  For example - the mission may be washing the car and the weapon is a sponge; or weeding with gardening gloves.
  • Having a good attitude during chores
My wonderful, tech savvy hubby made a spread sheet for each child.  Each day is broken up into the chores that need to to done that day.  When they complete a chore, Eric or I initial in the box.  10 initials earns them a quarter.  They are paid each Monday and also receive a new chart for the next week.  It has seemed to work so far.  I like it because it gives them ownership of their chores.  They are responsible to look at their charts and do the work without reminders...of course I am there to help them if they need help.  If they forget a chore...no initial and less money at the end of the week.  Nathan (2) and I do his chores together...his chart is a simplified version.

I found some other great ideas for chore charts over at Buzzing the Day Away Live, Laugh, Love and Mads Memories.

I really hope that by doing this my kids will learn the value of work and responsibility, learn new household skills that they will need when they are living on their own, improve their talents, have fun, have good attitudes, and yes...have a cleaner home.  Hey...a mom can dream right?


Julia said...

What a great system! I include life skills in our chores too.. mostly because my oldest is ADD and often forgets to brush her teeth or comb her hair LOL This has worked wonders and I don't have to remind her 50 thousand times a day.. hehe. I really love your secret mission idea, I may have to incorporate that one! Thanks so much for the linky love!!

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