Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Today's Wednesday's Words come from I Liked You At Ten I'll Like You Again by P. Taylor Copeland.  It is a book of poems about each birthday from newborn to 20.  So today is "Seven" in honor of Aaron's "theventh" birthday.

More freedom and choice
Is given to you;
With this you have
More responsibilities too.

Chores are dispensed
To which you adhere;
You receive a dollar per week 
For each of your years.

During the summer
When there is no school,
One book per week
Will give your brain fuel.

We discuss and review
The stories you read;
You also write letters -
I have planted that seed.

Our schedules are hectic,
We are busy with stuff;
But kid time is important,
I make sure there's enough.

We reserve special time
For just us two;
One-on-one talking,
It matters not what we do.

We are really slacking on the chores part, but other than that, this describes Aaron.  I can't believe that is has been seven years already!  It seems like Aaron was just like this:


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