Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our Not-So Lazy Days of Summer

Awww...the lazy days of Summer.  When are they going to be here??  Summer is half way over and I have not had a nap yet.  Whoever made up this saying was definitely not a mom!  We have done some thrilling things this summer so I wanted to share our not-so lazy days of summer:

Yearly Cabin Trip:  Eric made up a new game for the kids.  We held a rope over the trampoline and the kids had to jump over it without touching the rope.  With each successful jump, the rope would go a little higher.  They loved it!  It almost makes we want to get a trampoline...I'm not quite convinced though.

Family Reunion:  Every year we travel to a little town in Idaho for a family reunion.  We camp in tents and play games and eat.  It is a lot of fun, except for this year...Nathan, Aaron, Travis, and I had to miss out due to hand-foot-mouth disease.  Here are some highlights from Kaylee and Eric:

Playing with cousins

Minute to Win It game

Slip n' Slide with tarps


Launching home made paper rockets 

Boondocks Family Fun Center:  Aaron decided to go here for his birthday.  We had a great time together. The first arcade game that he played, he scored the jack pot and won over 400 tickets.  He ended up with 1,000 tickets...lucky kid!

Aaron waiting and waiting and waiting for all of his tickets to come took about 5 minutes and then I had to carry them around.

Miniature Golf

Cooling off at the Bumper Boats

Lagoon Day: Yesterday we went to a local amusement park and had a blast:

Yeah for those not-so lazy days of Summer!  


Mandy said...

I totally know what you mean! Summer is busier than most other times of the year!!! Looks like you guys are having fun though!

Carrie K said...

That all looks like so much fun! Especially those bumper cars in the pool.
What did Aaron get with all those ticktes!

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