Saturday, July 10, 2010

Journal Tales

When each of my children were born I bought a journal for them.  In this journal I write down special events and on each birthday I write what they have been doing that year.  On their eighth birthday I will give them their journals and turn the responsibility over to them.  It is so fun to go back and read some of the cute things that the kids have done that I would have forgotten about.

Last night I pulled out Aaron's journal and read him a few of the entries when he was a baby.  We had some good laughs.  Here are some of those journal tales:

"You have huge blue eyes and blonde hair which we try to keep buzzed.  You also have a big, contagious smile which you can contort into the funniest faces.  You are a very easy going and easily satisfied baby.  You love to eat just about everything (especially frozen vegetables and ice cream because you are teething).  Your favorite things to play with are balls, stacking cups and of course, Kaylee.  It is so fun to see you two interact and play together.  You will imitate what Kaylee does, laugh and giggle together and hold hands in your car seats while we are in the car.

 Some of the funny things that you do are when you hear music or something that you really like you do a funny little dance - you sit down and swing your arms across your body while keeping your body and head totally still.  It is so funny to watch.  When you play peek-a-boo instead of putting your hands over your eyes you put them on your forehead so that you can see.  You love to stand up and splash in the toilet (gross!) and when you wave you always wave with your thumb tucked in.  You are a super little guy and we all love you!"

"In June we went to the cabin and to my horror, and your delight - the Mormon crickets were migrating through. The roads were black with them and they were SO ugly!  Your favorite thing to do was go outside and "smash" the crickets.  You would do this with a rock or by stepping on them or by running them over on a 3-wheeler ride.  One day you ran right into the middle of a huge herd (or whatever a group of crickets are called) and started hopping all over them yelling "it's a party!" - it was so funny.  Kaylee and I were scared of them so you would "protect" us by walking in front of us to scare the crickets away."
Here is a picture of a Mormon Cricket just so you can see how ugly and gross they were.  I get chills just thinking about them.  They covered the roads making the roads look black.  But thanks to Aaron, the world now has thousands fewer of these disgusting things to worry about.


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