Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thay Cheethe

Thith week ith a spethel one...it ith Aaron'th birthday.  Tho my pothtth are going to be about my amotht theven year old, Aaron.  Thorry, I know that thith ith pretty annoying, but thith ith how Aaron ith talking now.  Hith triumph ith that he lotht hith two front teeth...check it out...what a cute boy!

 Ok...enough of that!  What I thought was amazing was that he managed to eat 4...yes 4... ears of corn last night with his mithing (sorry I couldn't resist) teeth.  He must have some gums of steel!

In honor of Aaron's seventh birthday, here are seven things that I think are special about him:

  1. Aaron is a very hard worker.  He loves to help us on big projects like building our shed, and yard work.
  2. Aaron loves to read and learn new things.  He pushes himself to excel in school.
  3. Aaron is VERY good at math.  His brain is always calculating.
  4. Aaron is an awesome big brother.  He takes care of and loves Nathan and Travis very much.
  5. I love to go out and play with Aaron.  It is so fun to play catch or throw the frisbee around with him.
  6. Aaron puts on a rough and tough exterior, but inside he is very sensitive and loving.
  7. Aaron tries his best to do the right thing and to reminds me to be a better mom.
Here's to the big "Theven".  I hope it is a great year for you buddy!


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