Monday, July 12, 2010

It's Tomorrow!

A couple of months ago I posted about this quote:
 "Cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow...for babies grow up we've learned to our quiet down cobwebs...dust go to sleep...I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep!!"
  I have really been living up to this saying...and here is the proof:

 I guess when my kids start using the dust on the furniture to practice their handwriting there is no more waiting for tomorrow.  So this week I am still going to rock my amount of dust will take that away from me, but I am also going to try to find some simple cleaning tips to help me stay on top of the dust, clutter, cobwebs, and fingerprints that are invading our home.  

If any of you out there in the blogosphere have some cleaning tips...PLEASE share because I obviously need some help!  I am going to try to find a system that works for me and hopefully triumph over this least for now.


Busy Buzzer said...

I try to tackle one room a day, and one load of laundry a day. Plus, dd (5) likes to help with dusting and folding washcloths & ds (20 months) is starting to pitch in too. I try to make a game of it. Some weeks it works out great, others I get nothing. Such is the life of a Mom!

Good luck!

Timmie said...

Not that my house is by any means perfect, but I started having my kids do chores everyday. I actually have Carson do the dusting in the living room every day. HAHAHAH. Oh, just thinking about it gives me joy. They unload and load the dishes, clean the playroom, clean their rooms, pick up the bathrooms, etc. I give them an allowance at the end of the week. Stace, btw, I love your blog! Good job!

Everyday Kathy said...

We met over on my Everyday Mommy blog (Thanks for following!) but my other blog Everyday Bliss may have what you are looking for.... it is Order week over there and you might enjoy my guest blogger of the day! I am no expert on cleanliness but I'm riding the high from cleaning my garage this weekend!! LOL

Mandy said...

I'm sooo there with you! When I'm not feeling particularly motivated on cleaning, I'll put 15 minutes on my timer (I use the microwave timer) and clean until it beeps, then call it quits for a little while until I get another 15 min.

I swear I get so much more done this way! Good luck!

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