Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Housework When You Don't Do It

"Housework is something you do that nobody notices until you don't do it"
Author Unknown
How true is that.  I love this following little story.  And no, I am not husband bashing, Eric is VERY understanding when the house is not perfectly cleaned when he gets home...he know that I don't just sit around all day reading...most days that is.

Your husband walks in from work and is alarmed.  The front door is open, and a turned-over lamp and pieces of a broken toy litter the entryway.  Dog food is everywhere.  He looks in the living room and sees piles of clothes all over the place.  A plant has been knocked over, and the dirt is ground into the carpet.  The couch cushions have been ripped off, and the piano bench is overturned, with music pages littering the room.  He can hear the children screaming in the backyard.  He tries to rush up the stairs, but he can hardly get through.  A pile of pillows and blankets at the end of the stairs practically makes a mountain.  When he walks into the kitchen, he sees bits of cereal, splattered milk, and a whole pitcher of juice leaking through the cracks of the kitchen table.  The drip is slow and constant.  The dishes are piled high, and the kitchen counters cannot even be seen.  Now he is worried that his wife may be sick or that something terrible has happened.

He runs down the hall and peeks into the bathroom.  Toothpaste is smeared all over the wall, wet towels are heaped on the floor, and rolls of toilet paper make a trail through the house.  Then he sees you curled up on the bed, still in your pajamas, reading a book.  You say, "Hello, dear, how was your day?"  He rushes to your side.  "Are you all right?  What happened today?"  You reply, "You know how you are always asking me what in the world I do all day?  Well, today I didn't do it."


Marla B said...

AMEN! Frick'n AMEN! I want to do that.....would it work??

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