Monday, July 19, 2010

Never Leaf Your Jobs Undone!

Chores...need I say more??  Oh, what a bore!  They are something that I like my kids to do - but also something that I have a hard time following through with and being consistent.  Here is an example of our latest attempt:

I made up a cute tree that says "Never Leaf your jobs undone!" Kaylee and Aaron each had 30 leaves in their envelope.  If their chores were completed by the end of the day they got to put a leaf on the tree.  Once the leaves were all on the tree, they received their allowance.  Instead of an allowance, sometimes we also went on a fun family activity once the tree was finished.  Great right?  This chore chart worked for about 4 rounds until it eventually fizzled out.  Now the jobs are "leaf"ed undone.  I must confess that this poor tree has been like this in our hallway for about 9 months.

It is time to chop this tree down and come up with a new system.  We will say goodbye to the tree for now.  Tomorrow I will share the new and hopefully improved chore charts that our kids have been trying for the last week.  I am really trying to be consistent and to come up with a system that puts the responsibility on the kids so that I don't have to be a naggy mom...stay tuned!


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