Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Volcano

After organizing Kaylee and Aaron's school papers and projects on Tuesday, I found some AWESOME stories that they wrote that I want to preserve and share.  I will post some of them on Saturday's Story.

Our first story is The Volcano written and illustrated by Aaron (1st Grade).

There once lived a volcano.
He erupted almost every day.
Everbody was terified of him because of his lava.
Also because he looked scary.
They thought he looked frightening.
That's why they were afraid of him.
And also when the volcano erupted
45 million gallons of lava came out!
Everybody knows that volcanoes are not alive,
but this valcano was alive!
And everybody knows that reagular volcano's lava is very hot!!
But this volcano's lava was very, very, very hot!
Every day the people poured cold water, 
but the lava never got cooler.
And that's the way the people had to live.
And they did not like it at all!!
And I am not kidding.
Would you like if you had a volcano at your door?


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