Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Honey Do's

Today's triumph is that Eric can cross off one of his "honey do's" from his list...I have several big projects that I want to get done this summer like making garden boxes, refinishing our deck, and repainting our front door and trim.  We have a South facing door which gets the brunt of the weather - hot sun, wind, rain, snow.  So this is how our front door and trim were looking:

We sanded off the chipped paint and cracking trim:

We painted...after having a fudge-pop:
(Just a tip about the paint...use an oil based paint vs. acrylic for doors and trim because it is more durable and covers better...it is harder to clean up, but I think it's worth it)

And Te-duh:  A front door make-over.

Next I think I will make a monogrammed wreath like this that I found over at seven thirty three for the finishing touch:

So Honey...what do you want to do next???


Eric said...

I was hoping for a few months off! ;)

I am dreading the deck, so it'll probably be the garden boxes.

Carrie K said...

Oh my goodness!!! It looks SO good. And I love that wreath!

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