Monday, July 26, 2010

Letting Things Go

Having a baby sure changes one's least for me.  Over the last four months since having my adorable baby, I have let some things body, my housework, and my poor gardens that are now overcome with weeds.  The housework I tackled over the last few weeks and the body will take a LOT more work.  I guess it is time to focus on the gardens.

When I had my baby in April, I just decided that I would let my flower and veggie gardens go this year.  I didn't plant a thing and I haven't pulled one weed...and man, oh, man, the things are taking over!!!  So it is time to pull out my gardening gloves, knee pad, and shovel and tackle this infestation.  Heck, I may even burn a few calories while I'm at it!  Then tonight, I will indulge in a big bowl of ice cream and shovel those calories right back into my thing at a time...right?


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