Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oobi Eyes Glove Puppets

Puppets are a great way to spark kid's imaginations.  Just by putting something on their hands, they become a new and exciting person or thing.  These puppets add some creativity into the mix as well because the kids can create their own puppets using these items:

Oobi Eyes...found here.  They are pretty inexpensive.  When I bought them, I ordered more than we would use and then made several sets to give away as Christmas gifts...they were a big hit.  The eyes just fit around one of your fingers, and have a hand puppet.  But to add some personality..include these items as well:

An assortment of gloves...rubber gloves, snow gloves, gardening gloves...anything works in a variety of colors.  We often use the yellow gloves to make Big Bird, the red gloves for Elmo, and the green gloves to make a frog.

An assortment of hair scrunchies...are they still called scrunchies???  That word brings back so many memories from the 80's and my big permed hair....Anyway, any hair ribbons, fake hair, bows, and bands that can go around a hand work great.

Now for the fun part...let your kids pick and choose which eyes, gloves, and accessories to make their personalized puppet and assemble:

Nathan made a frog on one hand and a ghost on the other.  He didn't quite understand the whole talking thing...

so he made them fight and eat each other

And Kaylee made a beautiful princess puppet.

The possibilities are endless.  Let your kids go crazy and have fun creating their own puppets!


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